Lofoten Islands 7 days itinerary

Lofoten Norway

Taking a ferry from Bodo to Moskenes, we were astounded by the jaw dropping views while approaching the Lofoten Islands; big tall mountains emerging right from the ocean, stretching as long as we could see. I get asked a lot “what is the best place you have ever been to?” And my answer till now has been all of the places I’ve been are great in their own way.  But now I have a definitive answer: it’s the Lofoten Islands because it has so much to offer – tall dramatic mountains, great hiking opportunities, white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, and the Viking culture.  What else can you ask for?  Here’s the perfect road trip itinerary for 7 days in the Lofoten Islands.

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<<Day 1>>

We started our first day with the famous cinnamon rolls and coffee from Bakeriet på Å in the charming town of A.  It was a rainy day and we just wanted to hang out and drive around to get to know the area well.  A slow relaxing day was just what we needed after that long flight and ferry from the previous day. The Town of Å is the southern most tip of Lofoten and is walk-able with amazing views in every direction.  It was very pleasant to stroll around between the red huts called rorbuers, walk up to the board walk that extends up onto the ocean and watch the birds fly in and out of their nests.  There’s a small garden packed with miniature ships and houses just in front of the bakery, which is really interesting and fun.

Lofoten Norway
Charming town of Å

After spending a couple hours in the town of Å, we drove down the E10 highway to the most beautiful village of Reine.  There are a bunch of stopping opportunities in between these two villages. We stopped at a couple of them to take pictures and appreciate the natural beauty.  In Reine, we walked around the harbor, kayaked in the calm fjord water enjoying the most amazing views we had ever seen and ate a very tasty authentic Norwegian dinner.  Krambua Restaurant serves authentic Norwegian creamy fish soup that you have to try.  Also has great fish and chips and many other options.  If you are a good hiker, try hiking Reinebringen, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the mountains below.  Reinebringen is about an hour hike one way.  As of 2017, it is considered dangerous due to the chance of getting injured by falling rocks. But a new trail is in the process of being built, which will be ready by summer 2018 making it a lot safer and easier. Our hotel for the night was in the town of Solvagen, which is very close to Reine and the ferry terminal.  The hotel was clean, had private bathrooms, fast internet and a very comfortable bed.  All that for a very reasonable price compared to other hotels in Norway. Check availability here.

Lofoten Norway

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<<Day 2>>

On the second day, we decided to get a little adventurous and hike to Mount Ryten via Kvalvika Beach.  The hike started about 50 mins drive from Solvagen near a town called Fredvang.  The drive to Fredvang was very scenic, with lots of tunnels, fjords and cliffs.  Here we also passed the twin bridges that connect the little dotted islands and are a smaller version of the famous Atlantic highway in mainland Norway.

Lofoten Norway

Since the parking lot at the starting point of the hike was completely full, we drove past it and parked at a spot right by the road.  There’s limited parking here so I suggest going early in the morning, esp in the summer months.  The initial path to the beach was very soggy as we made our way up.  There were some wooden boards randomly placed on the trail to make the hike easier and less wet further into the trail.

After about 15mins the trees started to clear and the terrain became rocky and dry.  At this point, we had awesome views of the surroundings when we looked back to the road and parking lot but Kvalvika beach on the other side wasn’t visible yet.  We hiked up 15 more minutes on rocky boulders, and about 5 mins down when we finally saw this stunning beach and Mount Ryten in the background.  One thing we quickly noticed here was how high Mount Ryten was and how tiny people walking up the mountain looked which made us hesitant about hiking up to mount Ryten. We just looked at each other and thought wow that’s a long way.  We decided to get to the beach and then decide whether or not to climb up to Mount Ryten.

Lofoten Norway
Kvalvika Beach
After resting for a bit and finishing up our sandwich (from Circle K) that we had carried with us all this time, we started making our way down towards the beach.  Up to this point the hike was pretty simple, but now the trail was basically big boulders that at some places got very slippery and challenging.  We realized that it would be even more difficult on our way back. Finally after about 20 mins we got to a white sandy secluded beach with amazing blue water.  We spent some time walking and relaxing in the beach hearing the waves hit the mountains, and taking in the calm de-stressing views.  Following this relaxed time, we were now refreshed and ready to attempt hiking Mount Ryten.  Making our way up by the small stream of water, we never stopped looking back at Kvalvika beach, the view here was even more dramatic then from the other side. We passed a small waterfall, a lake at midpoint and finally made up to the summit in about an hour and half or so.  Having the feeling of being above the clouds was just wonderful.  We took the same route back to the parking lot and to our hotel in Solvagen.


Lofoten Norway
   Mount Ryten Summit
 <<Day 3>>
Lofoten Norway
Ramberg beach

The plan for our 3rd day in the Lofoten Islands was to drive around and do shorter hikes since our body was a little sore from the previous day’s long challenging hike. The best way to enjoy Lofoten is to just drive around, explore little villages on the way, stop at some beach, relax and take in the views.  After finishing up our self made breakfast at the hotel’s kitchen, we drove down the E10 highway all the way up to Ramsberg Beach.  Ramsberg beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten, and is very accessible since it’s right on E10 in the town of Ramsberg.  It’s turquoise blue water and white sandy beach gave us the feeling of being in the Caribbean, but with much more dramatic scenery.  We walked across the beach, dipped our feet in the cold water of the Norwegian Sea and sat on a big rock listening to the waves.  There is a large parking lot slight above the beach where we flew our drone for quite some time. 


Next, after lunch we went for the Nubben hike that starts across from Bunnpris (grocery store) in the town of Ramsberg and is considered a short and easy hike with great views of the beach on one side and twin bridges and fjords on the other side.  This hike which was about an hour and half to the summit and back, was easy but steep at places.  Next, we drove back on E10 to the twin bridges, stopped at a couple of spots with views of the the bridges and background mountains. Ytersand beach is about 5 minutes drive from here, where we walked up some of the hiking paths, stopping and enjoying the nature every few minutes.  Our hotel for the night was one of the rorbuers in Reine.

Lofoten Norway
    Nubben summit and The Twin Bridges

<<Day 4>>

On our fourth day we headed towards Leknes.  On the way there, we made a detour to the charming little town of Nushfjord.  Uniquely situated between the mountains in a fjord, this tiny fishing village is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.  Just driving to this stunning village is a treat in itself, passing narrow fjords, alongside greenish and very reflective water.  The parking area to this village is up the hill, and we had a short walk down to get to the village.  This tiny village has rorbuers, boardwalks, restaurants, great scenery and bird colonies everywhere. We walked around the boardwalk that goes around the town, enjoying icecream from the cafe while listening to the birds chirp.  It was worth the time and slightly extra drive. 

Lofoten Norway
From here we made our way to Leknes, passing through the deep underwater highway that connects Flakstadøya and Vestvagoy.  Even though its bigger than rest of the towns we had visited in Lofoten so far, Leknes is still very walkable with restaurants, bars, and great street art all over town.
Lofoten Norway
Street Art in Leknes

After lunch at the Thai restaurant in Leknes, we made our way to Lofotr Viking Museum.  This is a great place to spend the afternoon, learning about viking culture and their cuisine;  also extremely interactive where you can row a small viking ship in the nearby lake, and practice some medieval archery

Our hotel for the night was Best Western in Leknes, where we had an amazing buffet dinner. This hotel is great for its price, nice clean rooms and very friendly staff.  They were very accommodating and heated up my left over Thai food that served as my afternoon snack. We highly recommend this hotel. Check availability here.

Lofoten Norway
Nubben Summit

<<Day 5>>

 After breakfast at the Best Western in Leknes we drove down to Haukland beach.  About 20 mins from Leknes, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten.  Here we did the coastal walk stretching from Haukland beach to Uttakeleiv beach, which is also an amazing beach with big boulders all over the sand.  This walk is about a kilometer long each way. 

Lofoten Norway
Coastal walk stretching from Haukland beach to Uttakeleiv beach (right)

Leaving Haukland, we started driving towards Henningsvaer, that’s where our hotel for the night was. We made a detour to Eggum to visit the historic Fortress. This site holds a lot of history. Back in WW2, this fortress was built and used by Germans as a radar station to watch the convoys of Murmansk(artic city in Russia).

After that, we also made a quick visit to Gimsoy. There wasn’t much in Gimsoy, just big golf courses right by the coast. 

The drive to Henningsvaer was pretty awesome; we drove through a bunch of bridges right alongside many reflective fjords. There’s a really cool place to stop right before taking the turn from E10 towards Henningsvær.  A unique mirror art created by an American artist a long time ago, sits beautifully in a very scenic area surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and a fjord on the other. Our hotel for the night was Tobiasbrygga, which had a balcony with great sea/mountain view. Check availability here.


Lofoten Norway
    Mirror Art & Eggum Fortress

<<Day 6>> 

Tiny dotted islands connected together, Henningsvaer is known for its peaceful and mesmerizing scenery.  After walking around the town and enjoying the breathtaking scenery we made our way to Svolvaer.  You can attempt the famous Festvatind hike for great aerial views of Henninsvaer, which takes just an hour and half to summit. Just a few miles before arriving at Svolvaer, we noticed a beautiful church, where we made a quick stop. 

Svolvaer is bigger than all the other towns in Lofoten. The harbor and old town is fun to walk around with its many restaurants and hotels right on the water.  We stayed at Thon Hotel Lofoten which was a stylish, luxurious hotel located in the heart of Svolvaer.  It was right on the water, had amazing views and was walking distance from the harbor and city center of Svolvaer.

Lofoten Norway
   Henninsvaer & Svolvaer Harbor

<<Day 7>>

On day 7 we drove back from Svolvaer to Moskenes and boarded the ferry to Bodo. 

If you haven’t planned your trip to the Lofoten Islands yet, this other post can help you do so:  How to plan the perfect trip to the Lofoten Islands


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